Scaredy Cat (scaredy_cat_333) wrote,
Scaredy Cat

теперь и турки зажгли

Пожалуй, у турок получается веселее, чем даже на Украине. Chaos in Turkish parliament as explosion heard.

Turkish Prime Minister reports one MP dead in Turkish Parliament.

At least following buildings in Ankara bombed:
Ministry of Interior
Armed Forces HQ
Police HQ
Other Army buildings Turkish soldiers arrested by Turkish police

Ministry of Interior in Ankara is getting bombed from air right now. And on this video some people are on the tank to support the troops' side. (??) Mosques in Turkey "calling for jihad" in favour of Erdogan. (Звук!)

Soldier involved in taking control of Turkish public broadcaster TRT lynched. HUGE: Crazy footage shows helicopters firing a target on the ground in Ankara. Istanbul's Üsküdar. Tank getting blocked by protesters.
Tags: обидно для Организации северо-атлантичес
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